Frequently Asked Questions

This section is designed to provide you with answers to the most common questions about our services. You can find information about the bidding process, payment options, shipping and delivery, and more. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact our customer support team for further assistance.

About auctions

Submit your request or get in contact with one of our specialists and we will assist you through this process. To bid you need to have a registered and verified account and pay associated auction fees. Hence, we offer you the service to conduct the purchase via our account and let us take care of the fees and other costs.
Each auction has its own rules and conditions which depend on their policies. We are operating on multiple platforms, have registered business accounts, and pay membership fees. We offer a service to conduct the purchase via us and we will complete the full process on behalf of you.
We will take care of this and sort it out for you. We have rich experience and established partners and networks. We will utilize this and follow procedures to deliver the car to you safely whilst abiding to all of the legal requirements.
This depends on the sellers and the cars at the auction. We thoroughly analyze a car you require, its condition, price, and so on. Based on these criteria, we then conduct our own research and you are informed at every stage of the purchasing cycle.

About custom order

A custom order is a type of purchase that falls outside our standard scope. If you have bought a vehicle yourself, or have a private supplier, do let us know. We can take this off your hands and complete the purchase, the delivery, documentation work, and so on, for you. 

Please review the How it works page here.

If you have a vehicle that needs transporting to Europe or have an alternative seller that you would like to purchase a vehicle from and you need further assistance with it. Let us know, our specialists will provide their consultation and the best recommendations, based on your individual circumstances.


We offer complete assistance and support throughout the purchasing, administrative, and transportation stages. After collecting your vehicle’s requirements, we will start researching the potential options and offer our proposed options. After the purchase, we will take care of the administrative documentation part and also prepare the vehicle for exportation to your chosen location. During the transportation, we will keep you informed share regular updates about the vehicle, and start preparing for customs. Once the vehicle arrives at a chosen location, customs have to be cleared, the vehicle offloaded and then it is ready for you to pick up or we can then transport it to you. This is a complete process but we can offer each part separately, depending your your needs. Additionally, extra services such as vehicle insurance, large-size handling, and so on. They can also be offered and discussed, let’s talk!

We operate in the United States and have multiple registered offices in Europe. Mainly surrounding the key countries with the largest and most accessible ports (Netherlands, Belgium, etc.). But throughout our experience, we have established a rich network of partners, hence, we operate all across Europe, Asia, and other regions. Find out more About us.

We offer Credit Card payments for all our users. Additionally, bank wire transfers can be made and are also accepted (subject to terms and conditions).

You can find out more information by calling one of our specialists directly, you will find the details here. Alternatively, if you are busy now, please leave your contact information and we will call you at a more convenient time.

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