About Us

ICTL is a reliable and experienced enterprise providing high-quality logistics and car handling services. With over 20+ years of experience in the industry, we have developed strong relationships with carriers and vendors to ensure that our customers receive efficient, safe, and cost-effective solutions. We provide comprehensive services that include shipments and customs handling, storage, trucking, request for quotations, packaging, and shipping. Our experienced team also performs route and shipment consultations, as well as handling GPS tracking of vehicles. We prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver on time, every time. We look forward to assisting you with your requirements and needs.

  • The work is set up automatically to avoid additional charges of shipping lines (night delivery of containers and daytime unloading of vehicles).
  • We will fully take care of all the handling for you – starting with unloading, reporting, pictures, putting on wheels to processing customs documents and loading onto a car trailer.

An important aspect of our work is customer satisfaction with our work and our customer focus in general – we count your money and try to avoid any additional costs at all stages, you can rely on us.

We also monitor the condition of your cars and, in case of damaged places, automatically close open spaces for further transportation in order to avoid water or dust penetrating into the cabin.

ICTL is is dedicated to providing superior service and solutions to our customers, delivering the car transport services they need with efficiency and excellence. We strive to cultivate strong relationships with our customers, building a partnership that ensures the highest level of satisfaction and trust. We take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional customer service with a focus on timely delivery and competitive pricing. Our mission is to be the trusted partner in our customers’ car transport journeys, delivering successful results with integrity and professionalism.

In the Netherlands we have 2 representative warehouses:

in Middelharnis (50.000m2)
and in Bergen Op Zoom (12.000m2)


Over the 20+ year period we have established strong networks and imported from multiple continents and countries. This includes the UAE, China, Japan, with major partners in USA and Canada. Our main destinations mainly include the EU countries (Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, to name a few) as well as other destinations outside the EU.

Why Choose Us

ICTL is your direct contact for vehicle delivery via Rotterdam to your country.
We make sure your will get the best solution for cars purchase, handling and delivery.

Our strenghts:

We provide a comprehensive understanding of the logistics and provide professional advice to customers regarding every aspect of the shipping process.
We minimize any delays or complications that may arise during the transportation process. Customers can be assured that their vehicle will be transported and reach the destination efficiently and safely.
We offer a comprehensive and convenient package of services. Anything from documentation, to customs, vehicle storage and so on. Leave it to us!
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